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General Rules

Convention Rules

  1. BE NICE TO EACH OTHER  - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic teaches us to do good morals and one of them is to be nice to other people.
  2. KEEP IT FAMILY FRIENDLY - The Friendship Express is meant for people of all ages including kids and families, so if keep all discussions and behaviour as sweet and angelic as Angel Bunny.
  3. HAVE FUN - The golden rule of ponycons, hang out and try to make some new friends!

Special Rules

Food, Cleanliness & Washrooms, WiFi

  1. NO EATING INSIDE THE CONVENTION VENUE - We wish to maintain cleanliness of the venue, as it is small and cozy. Snacks can be bought at some vendor booths but we kindly ask that you eat outside the venue (we're in a mall!)
  2. WASHROOMS ARE OUTSIDE THE VENUE  - Attendees are asked to use the public washrooms inside the mall (we will put up a sign). Although there is a washroom inside the venue, the usage of that is strictly for staff and volunteers only. We're sorry!
  3. NO FREE WIFI - Due to unforeseen circumstances of a venue change from Werkz Grounds to Recess, we regret to inform all attendees of TFE 2018 that there will be no free WiFi provided. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A Note to Vendors

Read this if you're vending at TFE

  1. LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER AS VENDORS  - The vendor booths arrangement are close to each other with minimal distance. This is done for safety reasons as it is easier for vendors to look out for each other's wares. The general rule of be nice to each other applies here, too!
  2. PLAN YOUR LUNCH BREAKS -Generally, we don't allow full meals at the venue but snacks are fine. You may fill up the lunch order form so that Rosa may go to the bit bank and then Octavia & Vinyl Scratch can help provide you with some nourishment on Day 1.
  3. YOU MAY BE ASKED TO TALK ON STAGE ABOUT YOUR CRAFT - We have scheduled a Creative Panel on Sunday 11:30am - 12:30pm for artists and other talents to talk about their work in the fandom. We hope that you'll be kind enough to share with us and the audience about your progression as an artist in general, from pony related or otherwise.

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